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The Military Academy help page

The Military Academy is where you find your milihimes that help you to fight the enemy, ranging from infantry to aircraft. You can craft equipment for your milihimes using the resources available. You can also retire Milihimes or scrap your equipments for resources.
  • Search 「探索」- To recruit a new Milihime to join your army with given resources.
  • Retirement 「退役」- To retire Milihimes in return for some resources
  • Research 「研究」- To create new weaponry and equipment. 
  • Armory「破棄」- To view the weaponry and equipment you currently have. This page also serves for the dismantling/disassembling of weaponry/equipment.
  • Help 「へルプ」- A summarized info of the above tabs.

Search 探索Edit

  • A. Tanks「戦車系」
  • B. Support Vehicle「支援車両」
  • C. Special Weapon「特殊兵器」
  • D. Infantry「歩兵系」
  1. Slider- This is where you adjust the amount of resources that you want to put in for the search.
  2. Search Start「探索開始」- To start searching for a new milihime.
  3. Search Progress「探索状況を確認」- To check the progress of your Milihime search (Figure 3.1).
  4. View Probabilities「確率を表示」- To view the possibilities of the Milihimes you might get (Figure 3.2).
  5. "Representative" - The milihime you want to represent in searching for a new milihime)

For detail please checkout Search


Figure 3.2

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Figure 3.1

Retirement 退役Edit

  1. List of units that can be retired - Only units that are not locked will show up.
  2. Select all「全選択」- Selects all of the Milihimes in the list.
  3. Approve「退役認承」- Approve their retirement and receive some resources.

Research page


  • A. Tank Cannons/Guns
  • B. Specialized Firepower
  • C. Others
  • D. Mechanized Defense
  • E. Mehanized Firepower
  1. "Representative"(the Milihime you want to represent in researching for the new equipment)
  2. Slider- This is where you adjust the resources you want to put in for the research.
  3. Probabilities2

    Figure 3.3

    Research Start- To start researching for the new equipment.
  4. View Probabilities「確率を表示」- To view the possibilities of the equipment you might get (Figure 3.3).

For detail please checkout Research

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Armory page

Armory Edit

  • A. Name of equipment
  • B. Amount of equipment that was equipped / had
  • C. Arrange view of equipment
  1. All of the equipment is displayed.
  2. Dismantle - to disassemble the specific equipment.
  3. How many of the specific equipment that is chosen to dismantle.