Nijiyome sign up

The game requires you to have a Nijiyome account. To have a Nijiyome account, you can either sign up with an email address, or with your Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LINE, Twitter, AmazonJP or mixi account. Email verification is required if you're signing up via email address.

After signing up, make sure you're logged in, and you can immediately start playing the game, by going to the main menu, select Milihime Taisen RELOAD, and hit "作戦開始!"

Entering Your NameEdit

Input name

A cutscene will play, introducing you the storyline of the game. After that, you'll have to enter your username. You can change your username later, and your username should not be more than 10 characters.

Choosing Your StarterEdit

After entering your name, you can choose one of the 7 starter milihime to begin your game.

Choose starter

After choosing your starter, the Guide Girl will guide you through the game. Have fun and enjoy!